Italy is the land of dreamers, lovers, artists, poets and heroes. Travel with us to spectacular Sicily this September, and to Umbria in November. Our group size is limited so that you can experience these beautiful regions in a personal way. Food, wine, art, history and natural beauty are all part of the experience.

Our tours for 2015 are:

Sicily: The Sweet and Savory Island (September 18-27, 2015)
Explore the Eastern tip of Sicily from our base in Marsala. Day trips by land and sea will take us to vineyards, islands with hidden coves and beaches and into some wonderful kitchens. We will explore historic sites and the art and the spirit of the land and its people.


Umbria: Harvest 2015 (November 4-13, 2015)
Our annual tour to the “green heart of Italy” takes us to vineyards, olive groves, historic and scenic hill towns of central Italy. Cooking lessons, truffle hunting and pasta making are all part of the adventure.

Umbria Castle

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Join our small group of fellow travelers:

Sicily, September 18-27, 2015

Umbria, November 4-13, 2015

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